Active Antifraud Artifical Intelligence

Constantly generates new fraud cases, provides recommendations for tech and functional changes in real ecosystem.

Tech ecosystem emulation environment. IT systems and their architecture, business processes, functions, roles, etc.

In combination with Cognitive System and Cognitive Matrix, Active AI will exceed criminals' abilities exponentially


Our cognitive platform has been trained on data and knowledge from the entire industry, it is able to perform a full range of human cognitive abilities, such as decision making, learning, reasoning, motivation, and meta-cognition. This is much more than just Machine Learning algorithms and data sets.

Our Cognitive Knowledge Engineering Team creates "knowledge about knowledge", so that the system could process unstructured data from the real world. We have designed our own Hybrid Cognitive Architecture to yield a truly intelligent behavior in a range of complex environments


Cognitive Matrix is a holistic intellectual platform, Robotic Process Automation, that builds a bridge between digital and real worlds of diverse business processes, people, functions, and our cognitive center. With Cognitive Matrix and double integration, our ecosystem of solutions is able to not only gather and analyse information from information systems and IoT, but also perform activities in real human environment, manage processes and functions, as well as make decisions


Pattern recognition with IoT

Identifies behavioral patterns of each employee, monitors information system activity, biometric data, movement, location, correlates it with voice, text, and motion recognition in addition to events and activity from other modules


Blockchain audit module

Built-in Audit trail system on blockchain technology for security and registration of all activities, processes, events, functions and IT-systems

Automated data exporting for internal audit services and fraud investigation department

Module for implementing rules and regulations inside an organization


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