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The problem
Criminals are evolving quickly and it’s been a challenge to keep pace even for the world’s most sophisticated financial institutions.
of incidents are detected
have been victimized by economic crime
recently experienced regulatory enforcement
of annual revenue is lost to fraud by an average organization
Why is this happening?
Legacy systems or even newer data analytics platforms analyze and counter each type of fraud apart from the other. And those platforms take data mostly from internal information systems of each bank separately.
This approach prevents even the most holistic platforms to see correlations between each type of fraud in different banks, and data from both physical and digital worlds.
Our solution
We are not trying to incrementally improve detection percentage or slightly reduce false positives. Open Civilization is a battle-tested cognitive ecosystem that has proven to produce results on the next curve of counter fraud and economic crime landscape.
Unified Cognitive Ecosystem:
One organism that connects different institutions, people, and technologies to eradicate a disease that damages institution’s annual revenue, creates compliance risks, compromises data security, and hurts reputation as well as employee morale.
Pretrained modules
The system has already been trained on data sets, cases and scenarios from multiple institutions. It will also learn from your unique historical data, add it to the existing robust knowledgebase to maximize your analytics capabilities. All without compromising sensitive information.
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One Cloud
All customers are connected to one ecosystem and when a new incident occurs in one organization, all others will be prepared instantaneously. The system actively trains itself on new cases and does it much faster than anything else on the market, as it learns from multiple institutions simultaneously.
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IoT implementation
Our solution connects digital and physical worlds by identifying behavioral patterns of each employee, monitoring information system activity, bio-metric data, movement, location, voice, text, and motion recognition in addition to events and activity from other modules
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Active Antifraud AI
Constantly generates new fraud cases and ways to penetrate the system, so that it can automatically improve it. Your system will be prepared for types of fraud and cases that haven’t even been invented yet.
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Blockchain audit module
Secures all activities and series of events between systems, people and business processes with automatic data reporting for internal audits and investigations departments
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Each module of our solution is flexible and allows users to adjust, train, or redesign use cases, workflows, rules and scenarios without additional technical expertise. Our goal is to empower institutions to take charge of combating a trillion dollar issue
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